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Business Analysis & Consultancy: Building a Strong Digital Foundation for Your Business

At Tomia Digital, we understand that comprehensive Business Analysis & Consultancy services are key to success. That's why we collaborate closely with our trusted partner, Helix Technology Solutions, who specialize in delivering additional expertise in these areas. Together, we pave the way for transformative digital projects, ensuring your business is equipped for success in today's competitive digital landscape. With Tomia and Helix by your side, you'll embark on an analytical journey to unleash your business's full potential.

Charting Your Technological Roadmap to Success

Our interactive workshops allow stakeholders, directors, and employees to contribute their unique visions and ideas. Guided by our seasoned facilitators, you'll navigate your current procedures and objectives, defining what 'best practice' means for your success. Through inquisitive discussions, we'll gain insights into the needs of every facet of your enterprise, co-creating a tailored solution pathway to your business goals.

Unleashing the Power of Technology for Your Business

Expect to walk away from our workshop with a comprehensive business requirements document and a defined scope following the MoSCoW model. This approach allows cost-efficient and scalable development phases. In addition, we'll delve into every aspect of your digital presence - from website design and mobile apps to ERP/CRM configuration and back office system optimisation.


Every thriving business requires a clear market, superior products and services, dedicated resources, robust management systems, and impactful marketing.


Unleash the power of technology for your business. Harness cutting-edge solutions to optimise efficiency, productivity, and results.


We offer insights into your project's commercial and operational impacts, working alongside you to ensure its successful implementation.


We evaluate your current website, personnel, and platform to understand how changes will impact them. We then optimise your potential information/configuration processes for seamless integration with other systems.


Identify your business objectives early to ensure that each web project positively aligns with your long-term goals. Set realistic success expectations by outlining necessary steps along the journey.

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The questions you didn't know to ask

Our seasoned analysts are here to provide an optimised plan for success. Get in touch with us now and start taking strides towards achieving your goals.