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Set Squared

Set Squared is assembling a team of hand-picked best-of-breed specialists to enable the delivery of practically everything to do with money and tax.

Set Squared is looking to take the first step in the evolution of their online presence. This proposal covers the deployment of a new site on a CMS solution of your choice. We have recommended building your site on WordPress. their services for your members to benefit from them all. With 75% of internet users admitting to making a judgement about a company’s credibility based on their website (Stanford), therefore a good site is crucial in gaining members trust. As some of your business is expected to come from referrals from your registered professionals, an effective website design is especially vital to the long-term success of Set Squared.

Our Themed offering will get you a well designed and built website; this will, of course, be to our high standards but using a downloaded WordPress theme of which there are many excellent ones. Our Premium offering allows us additional time to customise your design and evaluate areas such as user journeys and landing pages. It also allows us to provide more design options and investment in development time for improved effects and micro-interactions.

The website incorporated a registration/login and a membership portal where members will be able to register for services. All registered users will be stored in the website admin control panel to be approved by the admin prior to be able to login to the website or automatically allow the user to login as soon as the registration process is complete ( this needs to be a business decision) to login and access the membership related professional pages. Both users and the admin will receive associated emails during the registration and approval process.