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Royal College of General Practitioners

The Royal College of General Practitioners is the professional body for general practitioners in the United Kingdom. The RCGP represents and supports GPs on key issues including licensing, education, training, research and clinical standards.

It is the largest of the medical royal colleges, with over 50,000 members.

The RCGP web site was outdated, owned by too many stakeholders, lacked immediacy, was visually cumbersome and unappealing. As a communications vehicle the incumbent web site was failing. As a shop front for the College the web site did not achieve what was needed.

The College felt that in order to establish itself as a true “e-college” – the primary online source of industry knowledge, good practice and professional resources for its GPs, they needed to deliver a Digital Presence that reflected the highest standards of usability, relevant and impressive content, and innovative services.

Tomia engagement with the College consists of four phases:

  • An exercise to focus on overall Management Strategy and creation of a digital strategy
  • Engagement with a wide cross section of Staff, GPs and External Stakeholders to define business requirements for a “next generation” digital presence that supported this strategy
  • Delivery of user experience, brand refresh and site design
  • Design, Development and implementation of the technical solution

The business vision resulting from the strategic exercise was:

  • Overall vision (next 2 years: RCGP should become the one stop eportal for GPs in the UK)
  • Stretch vision (next 5 years: RCGP should be the one stop e-portal for GPs and patients in UK)
  • Stretch vision (next 10 years: RCGP should be the one stop e-portal for GPs and patients Worldwide

The objectives resulting from the digital strategy for the online solution were:

  • For trainees a key learning environment and one stop assessment portal;
  • For all GPs a CPD, e-learning and revalidation portal;
  • For all members the natural portal onto which to log on every day for essential updates, advice from a network of fellow professionals (peer to peer and experts and access to other sites, such as social networking sites – a one stop point of access;
  • GPs window into their professional and perhaps private world (Connect to Facebook/Linkedin/Twitter accounts, news feeds, sports updates.

Tomia successfully delivered a shared RCGP digital strategy and full solution design for the new portal, which was extremely well received by the College. We have not only delivered the digital vision we have also architected and delivered the GP’s Revalidation system for UK.

Tomia continue to enjoy a close relationship with RCGP and provide on going partnership and support to the college in the interim, having recently completed and rolled out a major redevelopment of a primary enterprise application for them as part of this new digital vision.