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Selfit Flagship Software, Evolved

BIG is a trading division of Brady Corporation. As the recognised market leader for personalised people identification , BIG was acquired by Brady in 2003 to further enhance their position as the leading global provider of innovative identification solutions. Today Brady has a global turnover of £1.23 billion, with more than 7,000 employees around the world, operations in 26 countries and distribution in over 100 more.

The SELFIT badge design and production software application is a key aspect of BIG s service proposition. Although popular and successful, it was recognised that the current version of the application was outdated and required a complete redesign in order to continue to contribute to BIG s business goals. To that end, BIG engaged Tomia to work with them in delivering a new suite of SELFIT applications: Web, Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

Tomia was required to go beyond simple application development and define a solution roadmap that would directly support and enable BIG s business expansion strategy and build and implement a Software Suite solution that:

  • Added significant breadth and value to BIG s services, supporting their expansion into the conference and event management arena
  • Increased Customer growth and retention by delivering products that differentiated from competitor offerings

Tomia engaged with BIG and undertook an initial exercise to understand the business direction and strategic goals the application would support. The enabling activities and processes for each strategic milestone were explored, documented and directly mapped to required functionality within the new application suite.

This in turn informed the subsequent work delivered by Tomia to define the technical platform, build the initial release, and define the product suite roadmap and supporting business process change.

To meet the vision, Tomia designed a truly integrated suite of products that work together, rather than standalone applications across multiple platforms. The mobile application becomes a client for the desktop application in certain situations, for example.

In developing the application suite, Tomia placed a high degree of emphasis on the user experience. To achieve impressive design standards combined with an intuitive UI that maximises ease of use, Tomia completely redesigned the traditional interface to deliver something completely new for BIG s existing Customers and the sector in general.