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PAVE Internships

PAVE International mission is to offer experiences in India that enable travellers to see more, do more and be more than they have ever before while abroad.

Pave wants the website to be editable concerning the content, such as videos, the text and images on the site.

Pave were interested in/conscious about being as cost-effective as possible, hence putting together a well-constructed functionality document

Was to provide an eCommerce element to their business. The initial attention will be on reaching and targeting the B2B market. Within this aspect, to explore different levels of offerings; for example, the difference in price between offering candidates experience with an undergrad and a PhD.

Tomia Digital carried out the following of the various stages below:

  1. Splash Page – This will be when the user lands on the page where they will have the option to select whether they are B2C or B2B. Based on the selected user will be directed to the appropriate page.
  2. Calendar similar to Air B&B – We created a user experience on booking similar to Air B&B.
  3. Search Function – We created this as an Autosuggest feature.
  4. Integration of payment gateway with Pave URL so that all transactions are conducted on a single domain.
  5. Discount Codes – We created a basic module whereby the admin will be able to add and remove discount codes. Discount code will also have from and to date.