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Paul Strickland Scanner Centre

Paul Strickland Scanner Centre serve both NHS and private patients who need MRI, CT, and PET-CT scans. Most patients are from North West London and Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire, but some are from further afield.

Paul Strickland Scanner Centre was looking to take the next step in the evolution of their online presence. This proposal covers the deployment of a new site on a CMS solution of your preference. By Improving the design of your site to ensure the website reflects a professional business will increase credibility so that site visitors, be they via a search engine or referral, will have more confidence in picking up the phone or making an enquiry. We have recommended building your site on Umbraco.

Umbraco is a fully-featured open source content management system with the flexibility to run anything from small campaign or brochure sites right through to complex applications for Fortune 500’s and some of the largest media sites in the world. The platform is built .NET using SQL, which makes it highly scalable and easily integrated with commercial systems. There is also a large community of templates and plugins for Umbraco providing easy access to functionality and designs. We had a pre-configured version of Umbraco where we have included the very best of SEO and Social Open Graph modules as well as an advanced editor called TinyMCE. Our configuration also allows for seamless version upgrades.

To have the website designed and placed on a content management engine quickly. The condition also requested for a Google Custom Search. We had used Umbraco’s search plugin, which allows searching of this index using fuzzy matching, quoted queries, context highlighting and more. The Donate Now and Social Plugins was simple to implement, and forms were built using Umbraco Forms, an easy to use form builder where the creation of responsive forms is as easy as editing content in Umbraco, and it’s a seamlessly integrated experience. This also allows the collection and storage of form data with export and reporting. We have also included uNews, Smart Blog or Articulate modules for the news system.

From a security perspective, Tomia has significant experience protecting data as our case study for the Royal College of GPs demonstrates. We would not only ensure the site is on a secure certificate (SSL), but we would also encrypt the data that is stored in the database.

We designed and built up to 8 templates and PSSC from there would populate the majority of the static pages. We have included over twenty pages of content input by our team for key pages.