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IEDP has been reporting on the global executive development sector for the past fifteen years. We were responsible for the re-branding, design, scoping and build of their last two websites.

  • To evolve the IEDP branding
  • To build a new website on a .NET open source platform that gave IEDP full control of the admin area.
  • To provide business education providers access to control their catalogue of Programs and institutional information.
  • To track all clicks/bookings and provide clear reports in the admin to providers regarding traffic generated.
  • To allow advertising slots over the website so providers can pay to promote themselves.
  • To be able to publish quality content easily and drive visitors to read articles.
  • The site’s goals were to direct traffic to the Providers and to drive bookings of Programs.

As a heavily content driven website, we chose to build on a .NET Open Source platform called Umbraco. This platform allowed for easy scalability, integration and development of the advanced functions required on this site.

The site was designed fully responsive, and we were able to make the content completely manageable by the client. We wanted the design of the website to look corporate but friendly. A vital part of the design was to show featured Providers and upcoming Programs. To this end, we decided to build a function that associated all articles with their respective Provider encouraging further engagement with Providers. This association facilitated the site’s main goals to drive bookings of Provider Programs.

  • The result of the new website design has been outstanding! Page views have doubled, and the site has seen a 231% increase in the average session duration.
  • Providers can now manage their own details and revenue has increased significantly.
  • This site required meticulous consideration when it came to the UX design. The site has a great deal of content, so we needed to make it easy for users to search that content, but at the same time the ultimate journey intention was to visit the Provider or Programme page. We achieved this with a click to filter system.
  • About 20% of the site’s traffic comes from mobile devices, and the new responsive design means users can easily read articles and find information on providers wherever they are.

Roddy Millar
Director, IEDP Ideas for Leaders
+44 203 031 2901

“Damon and Nathan have a great ability to translate business concepts into working, nicely designed websites – and they are unflappable!