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Ideas for Leaders partners with leading practitioners to deliver a series of topical events.

Ideas For Leaders editors are based in the UK, Europe, US and Asia who work closely with the top 50 business schools in the world, sourcing and distilling the latest research into concise, actionable Ideas. Working closely with organizations to curate Ideas that meet their learning needs. These Ideas kick-start conversations about how people can change, develop and make organizations better places to work – and work better.

Ideas For Leaders was looking to take the next step in the evolution of their online presence. This proposal covers the deployment of a brand new website to build sales.

Our development team ensured the website is built to the highest standard while our design team understand that imagery, structure and typography are the foundations of an exceptionally designed website. The site must reflect the brand in both tone and quality. It will be through the careful design of both visual and site structure that we ensure the best user experience and maximise the site’s ability for conversions.

  • Design conversion
  • Content and custom login page
  • Registration process
  • Organisation and user profile updates
  • Payment automation
  • Dynamic subdomain creation
  • Unit testing
  • QA