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Fusion Residential

Fusion Residential is a boutique award-winning design house, creating exceptional residences in the most exclusive locations around London.

Fusion Residential were looking to take the next step in the evolution of their online presence. This proposal covers the deployment of a new site on a CMS solution of your preference. By Improving the design of your site to ensure the website reflects Fusion Residential’sResidential’s design lead approach to creating homes will increase your credibility so that site visitors, be they via a search engine or referral, will have more confidence in picking up the phone or making an enquiry. We have recommended building your site on either WordPress.

Fusion Residential is a premium brand in property design and build, and as such, the website needs to immediately create a feeling of quality. This will be done through excellent design and the implementation of engaging on-page factors. These will be in the shape of big, bold, beautiful typography and authentic photography as well as ways to capture a user’s attention, through animation, in part thanks to developments with HTML5, CSS and jQuery, which is starting to play a bigger role in this. These animations, come in all different shape, sizes and styles, and can all serve different purposes. Animations can range from tiny loading devices which entertain the user while waiting for content to load, to an interesting hover-state used as a UX device to show a user they’re hovering over a link. The animation is another useful mechanic for brand’s to create meaningful micro-interactions between themselves and their users.

The site consisted of approximately nine templates:

  • Content Pages
  • List Pages (Residences, Boutique Items)
  • Blog Page
  • Form Pages (Contact, VIP – Newsletter Recommendation)
  • Item Templates (Residences Case Studies, Boutique Items, Blog Details)