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Bon Soiree

Fine Dining for Private Jets. Bon soiree believe clients who use the most exclusive form of travel should experience the most exclusive form of dining. Thus, they have created an exquisite menu tailoring their services to suit their consumers taste/palate and providing an unparalleled dining experience above the ground.

Passion for cookery is in the hearts of every qualified chef at Bon soiree instilled with only using the finest ingredients in the world since 1997.

With growth comes responsibility to provide a seamless experience in all aspect of service for Bon Soiree and with this in mind Bon Soiree was looking to take the next step in the evolution of their online presence. Thus, the proposal consisted of a dynamic website menu with mouth-watering features such as a responsive background based on timeline of meals and an effortless channel for customers to browse and order with Bon soiree.

Through revamping the Website aesthetics Bon Soiree reflects a professional business with increased confidence in their product. Furthermore, Tomia’s innovative solution to a dynamic background gives a fresh user experience for customers to embrace while navigating a luxurious menu improving the overall service Bon Soiree is providing. Tomia has implemented amazing animations, interactives, and functionalities without compromising the site speed and user experience.

Tomia has built a modern website flexing our bespoke capability to showcase a website with improved user journey and a unique experience to ordering meals. As well as allowing Bon Soiree to manage order submission efficiently and giving our client the flexibility to manage their website with ease.