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Babyjabs had been using a Typeform solution for its client booking system for a number of years.

Babyjabs had also been using iframes for the medical bookings provider Semble for a number of years.

In order to improve this user journey, a project was initiated to review and refresh the way that bookings were configured and used.

Our solution was a bespoke web form that simplified the user journey and allowed Babyjabs to design a much more efficient user journey that was designed to match the styling of the website whilst also offering a higher level of detail specific for its customers.

Babyjabs Outcomes

  • Provide an intelligent and personalised user journey
  • Bespoke fields and selections to be made by the user
  • Integrate with third party medical and payment provider.

Customer Outcomes

  • Gain a booking system and information service that feels personal to my business
  • Experience an end to end service that is seamless

In order to deliver a business-driven (rather than a system-driven) change exercise, we took the following steps:

  • A review of the Babyjabs user joruney
  • Emerging from this, we gained a view of the “pain points” associated with customers.
  • Production of a detailed user mapping flow
  • Production of a costed Functional Specification/li>
  • Delivery and implementation of the activity.
  1. Babyjabs outcomes based on the current issues
    1. Improved User Experience: The new booking system could have enhanced the overall user experience for customers, making it easier and more intuitive to book appointments online.
      Increased Customer Engagement: With a more streamlined booking process, Babyjabs may have seen increased customer engagement and interaction on their platform.
    2. Reduced Administrative Burden: The new system might have automated certain administrative tasks, freeing up staff time previously spent on manual booking management.
    3. Enhanced Data Management: Implementation of a new system could have improved data collection and management, providing Babyjabs with better insights into customer behavior and booking patterns.
    4. .Higher Conversion Rates: A more user-friendly booking system could have led to higher conversion rates, with more website visitors successfully booking appointments.
    5. Improved Brand Perception: A smooth booking experience reflects positively on the brand, potentially improving Babyjabs’ reputation and customer satisfaction.
    6. Better Resource Allocation: The new system has enabled more efficient scheduling and resource allocation, optimising staff and facility usage.
      Reduced No-Shows: Features like automated reminders and confirmations could have helped reduce the number of missed appointments
    7.  Implementation of the new system will have facilitated customer feedback collection, enabling Babyjabs to iterate and improve based on user suggestions.